Introducing DALS Lighting

Introducing DALS Lighting

We are so excited to announce that as of August 1, we have begun representing DALS Lighting, Inc. throughout Atlantic Canada.
DALS is unlike any other line that we currently represent. They manufacture LED Lighting products focusing on innovative and emerging technologies, and their products are hugely popular among architects, engineers, and contractors. Based out of Montreal, this Canadian company is designing contemporary style lighting that you won’t find anywhere else.
They began with accent lighting and then quickly expanded to architectural products. They introduced their first smart home products this year, which include Wi-Fi controllable lamps and tape lighting.
Their products are ideal for both residential and commercial projects and are suited for both interior and exterior use.

Let’s take a look through some of the products in their extensive product list.



The recessed lighting options range from 2” – 6” and come in circle and square shape with a variety of finishes. Each model has its own unique features as well, like anti-glare, integrated color temperature switches, multiple beam angles and more.


Wall mounts

DALS wall mounts are suitable for indoor and outdoor use and are available in multiple finishes. Most are dimmable and come with a variety of features including directional panels to control light output and beam angles.

DALS carries two pendant styles, the Slim Linear Pendant and the Decorative Pendant. Both are dimmable, offer a warm white light output, and have frosted glass reflectors.


Illuminate your bathroom the right way with DALS line of vanity lights. Most of them can be installed both horizontally and vertically, and they offer the perfect light distribution. Choose from a variety of sizes and finishes to choose the option that perfectly suits your room

Steplights and bollards
Whether you need lighting for safety or ambiance, DALS has the option for you. Illuminate your steps, deck, walking path and more with their products that are used for everything from your own front steps to public park paths.


Wi-Fi tape lighting
One of DALS’ coolest products, in our opinion at least, is their Wi-Fi Tape Lighting. Using your smart phone, Amazon Alexa, or Google Home, you can fully control the tape lighting- turn it on and off, change lighting colours, or even sync is up with music!
These are great for both residential and commercial use, and it’s especially popular to use as decorative lighting on patios and decks. 

Get in touch for more info about our exciting new line! Give us a call at 902.452.3899 or email us at lierin@catalystsales.ca
How to Choose the Right Lighting Temperature for Your Space

How to Choose the Right Lighting Temperature for Your Space

Cool lights would be perfect in this modern, minimalist kitchen. Fixture is the Webster from Hudson Valley Lighting


Anyone who has spent time working in an office with florescent lights will tell you that the temperature of your lights has a huge impact on your space. Simply by changing a light bulb, you can radically change the atmosphere of a room. Think of the effect that the warm glow of candlelight has on a space versus the cold, harsh lights of a public washroom.

In today’s post, we’re going to help you choose the right lighting temperature for your space. The temperature that you choose will vary depending on the function, décor, and atmosphere of the area you’re lighting.
The first questions we need to ask and answer is why do we measure colour with temperature? We are already starting off with some confusing science, but we promise, it’s simple and this is as technical as this post will get!

Warm bulbs add a cozy glow to this room. Fixture is the Alchemy from Troy Lighting.


The easiest answer is because we use the Sun (our favorite light source since the beginning of time) as our reference point. The Sun is what is known as a black body radiator, just like when you heat a piece of steel with a blow torch in a furnace. Carbon steel starts as almost perfectly black but as we heat it, it starts to glow, first “red hot” then, orange, yellow and eventually “white hot”. So, we simply use Kelvin, a measurement of temperature, to match it to the color of the steel (or black body radiator) at different temperatures.
And the last part of this question, why Kelvin? Kelvin is the exact same scale as Celsius. The only difference is Celsius starts at the freezing point of water, 0°C. Kelvin starts at absolute zero, −273.15 °C.
As you can see from the images above, the lower the color tempature the “warmer” it feels. And the higher the color tempature the “cooler” it feels.
(Note that the temperature of the light, which is measured in Kelvins, has no relation to the brightness, which is measured in lumens).
When choosing the lighting temperature for your space, ask yourself the following questions.
What atmosphere do I want to create?
As we pointed out in one of our first blog posts, lighting plays a huge role in creating the right atmosphere for your room or space. If you are choosing lighting for a bright and airy storefront, you can go with cooler or neutral bulbs. If you want to create an intimate or romantic setting, say for a living room or high-end restaurant, warm lights will cast the glow you’re looking for.
Warm lights and a fireplace create the perfect cozy vibe. Fixture is the Darien from Hudson Valley Lighting

What time of day do I most often use this space?
It’s nice to use lighting that mimics the natural lighting of whatever time of day you’ll be using your space. For example, warm lighting is a good fit for a bedroom because it is closer to the lighting in the evening and gives of a cozy glow that will help you settle in for bed. Offices or stores, on the other hand, are generally used during the day, so they benefit from a cooler light that mimics natural day light.

Obviously, some spaces are used all day long, so this doesn’t always apply. Thanks to the advances in LED technologies you can now have light sources that change their color temperature throughout the day to match natural light cycles. We’ll save this one for another post!
Keep your space fresh and bright with cool bulbs. Fixtures are the Garden City from Hudson Valley Lighting

Which temperature will best suit my décor?
Traditional and transitional style homes are often best suited to warmer light. It suits the more homey style and gives a cozy vibe. Modern homes, on the other hand, often do better with cooler lighting because it complements the clean lines and bright white spaces.

Experts actually recommend choosing your light bulbs and fixtures before you paint or begin decorating because the light temperature has such an impact on the look of the space. Paint colours, for example, can look very different depending on the lighting. What looks great in the store may not work as well under your light bulbs at home.

By choosing your lighting before you decorate, you’ll ensure that everything comes out looking just the way you want- no surprises.


What is the function of my light?
Even within one room, you may want to mix up the lighting temperatures depending on the specific function of the light. In a kitchen for example, maybe you want to set a homey vibe with a warm overhead light, but then add in cool lights over your work space (as with under cabinet lighting), so you can clearly see what you’re doing when you’re chopping food and preparing meals.

Don’t forget to pair your lightbulbs with the perfect light fixtures! Check out our favourite fixtures from Mitzi and Hudson Valley Lighting. Oh, and while you’re add it, make sure you’re getting the sleekest wall plates and switches on the market: we love the ones from the radiant collection and the adorne collection.

Need help choosing the right lighting temperature for your space? Give us a call at 902.452.3899 or email us at lierin@catalystsales.ca
Our First Video: The On-Q Digital Audio System from Legrand

Our First Video: The On-Q Digital Audio System from Legrand

This week’s post is a big one for us because it contains our first ever video! It’s one thing to explain how something works, but sometimes it’s much more effective to show you, and that’s what we wanted to do with the On-Q Digital Audio System from Legrand.
(Scroll to the bottom of the post if you want to jump straight to the video!)
We briefly talked about the system in our Home Tour post, but today we’re diving in and showing you exactly how and why you need it in your home.
What is the On-Q Digital Audio System?
It’s a system that allows you to manage and control the audio throughout your entire home from an easy to use app, which is available on the system’s main screen as well as your smartphone and tablet. You can install control panels throughout your home to adjust volume and turn the audio on and off.
The system can be paired with seamless in-ceiling speakers, so you don’t have to deal with any speakers cluttering up your home.
As for the audio itself, you’re able to stream music from hundreds of channels and services including Pandora, iTunes, Spotify, Sirius XM, and so much more. You can save your Top 10 favourites for easy access, set up pre-sets and more.
The audio quality is crystal clear, and it really adds a level of cool and ambiance to your home that you just don’t get from playing music off the radio, your smart phone, or a Bluetooth speaker. We love that this system delivers not only super high-quality output, but that it’s so easy and fun to use.
To play this video, view this post from your live site.
You can find more information about the On-Q Digital Audio System here.
And keep an eye out for more upcoming videos! Is there a certain topic you’d like to see a video about? Let us know and we’ll get on it. 🙂
Interested in installing the Digital Audio System in your space? Give us a call at 902.452.3899 or email us at lierin@catalystsales.ca
Introducing the 2018 New Releases from Hudson Valley Lighting

Introducing the 2018 New Releases from Hudson Valley Lighting

One of our favourite lighting lines, Hudson Valley Lighting, offers the perfect blend of timeless and cool, and we showcase their pieces regularly on our Instagram. They’re ideal for any room in the home, and their styles range from subtle accents to dramatic show stoppers.
This week, they released their 2018 new releases, and let’s just say we’re in lighting heaven over here! These styles can help to turn any room from average to Pinterest-worthy, and we’re sharing some of our favourites from the new collection.
Perfect for making a statement, the new line of chandeliers ranges from modern and edgy to simple and refined.
Left to right: SavonaAllendaleSparta
Left to right: CharlesAbramsRoundout
Table lamps
Accessorize your space with these gorgeous table lamps! They’re anything but ordinary and add the perfect pop to your decor.
Left to right: LaconiaKeitaHurley
Left to right: AshlandMini HinsdalePlutarch
Flush mounts
There are so many great flush mounts in the new collections, and we especially love the minimal aged brass styles. Keep in mind that most of the pieces throughout the collections are available in a variety of finishes, including aged brass, polished nickel, polished chrome, and old bronze.
Left to right: DunkirkIrvingtonSovereign
Left to right: BocaAchillesBethesda
Of all the new releases, the pendants may just be our favourites. The designer are gorgeous and the variety is incredible, so you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your space, no matter what you’re looking for.
Left to right: PomfretCoffeyBarron
Left to right: ColtraneMasonvilleMassena
This is just a very small taste of the new releases from Hudson Valley Lighting. You can find the whole collection here. Then hop over to our Instagram and let us know which are your favourites!
Looking for the perfect fixture for your space? We’re here to help! Give us a call at 902.452.3899 or email us at lierin@catalystsales.ca
The Best (and Fastest) Way to Clean your Whole Home

The Best (and Fastest) Way to Clean your Whole Home

Okay, cleaning may not be the most exciting topic, but this week’s post is a good one because we’re going to show you how to make your cleaning faster and easier, while improving the air quality in your home. This means you’ll have more time for the important things in life, like reading our blog and IG. 😉
Broan’s Central Vacuum System is so much more than a vacuum- it’s a whole home cleaning system that will quickly clean all of your surfaces and doesn’t require lugging around a heavy vacuum. You’ll get a better clean, in less time, with more ease.
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Most upright vacuums will last you 3-4 years. In contrast, many Broan customers have had their central vac for between 15-20 years, and they come with a 5-10 year warranty.
Nearly silent
Loud vacuums are just irritating, and it makes cleaning feel like that much more of a chore. Broan’s central vac, on the other hand, is almost inaudible, so you can clean your home while listening to your music or podcasts, or simply enjoy some peace and quiet.
Let’s take a moment to talk about how annoying it is to lug around a heavy vacuum, not to mention emptying dirty garbage bags. A serious pain, right? Broan’s Central Vacuum system eliminates both of those problems. Just plug the lightweight hose into an outlet around your home and you’re good to go. Not lugging and no mess.
Serious cleaning power
The Broan Central Vacuum system collects 5-20 times more debris than your conventional vacuum. This means you’ll not only get a better clean, but you’ll also get it done in less time.


Improved air quality

A typical upright vacuum not only isn’t powerful enough to remove all of the air pollutants in your home, but it can actually recirculate dust and allergens back into the air, contributing to asthma, fatigue, itchy eyes, and even sleeping problems! Broan’s central vacuum is powerful enough to remove even the smallest microscopic particles and properly removes dust and debris, so you can ensure that you and your family are left with nothing but a clean home and clean air quality.

Customize your cleaning
Broan’s Central Vac System offers a wide variety of hoses and brushes, so you can properly clean the many different surfaces in your home. There are attachments for different floor types, as well as surfaces like shelving units, furniture, and even tools for areas in need of an extra deep clean, like tile grout.




Automatic dustpans

Potentially our favourite feature of the whole system, the automatic dustpans (VacuSweeps) make cleaning almost effortless. Located along your baseboards, the dust pans can be activated with the switch of a button or by kicking it on and off, and you can sweep any dirt and debris into them. It’s almost like vacuuming without the vacuum!




Head to their site to learn more about the Broan Central Vacuum system.

For more info on Broan’s Central Vacuum system, give us a call at 902.452.3899 or email us at lierin@catalystsales.ca
Power Up: The Charging Solutions that are Changing the Game

Power Up: The Charging Solutions that are Changing the Game

Charging used to mean not much more than a standard outlet, but things have come a long way. As technology has grown, so has our need for more advanced, convenient, and versatile charging solutions.
In today’s post, we’re sharing a list of some of the most innovative charging options currently on the market. From wireless chargers to outdoor charging stations, we’ve got a solution for every need and location.
All of the options below are products of Legrand. We are proud to rep Legrand not only for the quality of their products but also for their innovation, which keeps them consistently at the top of the industry.
USB outlets
Simple, yet effective. The USB outlets in Legrand’s adorne and radiant collections allow you to charge your devices without a bulky plug and can fit up to 4 outlets in a 1-gang plate or combine USB outlets with standard outlets.
Our customers love using them by their bedside and in main areas of the home like the kitchen.
These chargers are offered in the original type A USB connector and the new, and ever more popular, type C connector (MacBook’s and newer laptops).
Wireless charger
No cords? No problem. The new wireless charger from the radiant collection is a total charging game changer. With no special wiring needed, it’s super simple to install and provides a clutter free way to charge your phone.
Any phone that works with QI wireless charging is a go, including the new iPhone and most android devices.
Furniture power centres
The sleek, modern design and functionality of Legrand’s furniture power centres make it ideal for both residential and commercial use. Install it into headboards, desks, and conference tables for stylish convenience. While these are typically more common in public and commercial spaces, such as hotels and offices, they are becoming more and more popular for homes.
If you want to elevate the style of your furniture power, you’ll love the line from the adorne collection. Rather than just adding functionality, the adorne furniture power makes a statement and adds to the décor.
deQuorum flip up table box
Similar to the furniture power centres, the deQuorum flip up table box can be built into your surfaces and is great in kitchen counter tops and desks. It lies flush with the surface when not in use and pops open when you’re ready to use it.
Not only is this a cool feature, but it’s also a safety precaution, especially in kitchens. By keeping the cords from your kitchen appliances on your counter tops and out of the reach of children’s hands, you’ll avoid some potentially dangerous situations.
Outdoor charging stations
We were really excited about Legrand’s new outdoor charging stations, which come in four different styles. These sleek pedestals include a combination of standard power outlets, USB outlets, and LED lights to illuminate pathways at night.
These are perfect for any public space and are especially popular on university campuses, outside of public libraries, and in city parks. They’re also a great addition to restaurant patios and apartment terraces. Really, there’s no place they aren’t a good idea!
Outdoor ground box
This one isn’t actually a charging unit, but it’s so cool that we had to include it in the list (not to mention it’s the only thing of its kind on the market!).
Make the most of your outdoor space with an Outdoor Ground Box, the first UL-listed while in use in-ground box that provides permanent ground-level power. The box delivers power, data, and AV capabilities to your outdoor space and lies flush with the ground.
These are great for anywhere you need an outdoor power source. Perfect for parks, public spaces, city squares, promenades, and more.
As you can see, Legrand has a charging solution for every situation! For more info on the option that’s right for you, give us a call at 902.452.3899 or email us at lierin@catalystsales.ca
Tape Lighting: A Multi-Use Lighting Solution

Tape Lighting: A Multi-Use Lighting Solution

Tape lights, also known as strip lights or ribbon lights, are an ultra-versatile lighting solution that’s perfect for both home and commercial uses.
If you’re not familiar with them, they’re pretty much exactly as the name suggests- a flexible strip of thin LED lights or “diodes” with a tape backing, which can be adhered to different surfaces including aluminum mounting channels to provide linear lighting in thousands of different ways.
There are SO many uses for these lights. At home, you may use them for under stair lighting, railing lighting, under cabinet lighting, cove lighting or accent room lighting, etc. For commercial use, they can be used for pathway lighting, cove lighting, replacing ceiling florescent lighting, building interiors and exteriors, sign lighting, and so much more. You can even use them to light up vehicles, like a work truck.
Tape lights are not only extremely versatile, but they’re also very easy to use and customize. Their “peel-and-stick” backing means they’re as easy to install as a piece of tape, and mounting accessories are available for more complex installations. The tape can be cut on cut points along the length, and they can be extended using connectors, so you have just the size you need.
And thanks to their LED light source, they can also reduce the energy consumed by typical display lights and reduce the heat put out by puck lighting. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, they’re available in a variety of brightness-levels and colours.
Tape lights vs. rope lights
Tape lights sometimes get confused with rope lights, as they have a somewhat similar shape and function. Rope lights are long plastic tubs with internal lights running along the length. Because they give out minimal light output, they are generally used for more decorative purposes (light Christmas décor), whereas tape lights typically have a more functional and permanent purpose.
GM tape lighting
Our recommendation for the best tape lighting on the market? GM Lighting. Their products are the industry-standard where an energy saving high or standard output LED source is required. And they offer a variety of lengths and options, so you can find the perfect option for your home or project.
All of GM’s tape lighting has a 50 000 hour life.

12VDC Flexible LED Linear Tape
The 12VDC tape is available in a number of options. You can choose between 1, 5, and 30 m length, and further customize it by trimming the tape (cuttable at every third LED light). It’s also available in both standard and high output.
For outdoor use, the lighting is available in Wet Location and Silicone Damp Location.




12VDC and 24VDC RGB Flexible LED Linear Tape
If you’d prefer some colour, go for the RGB Flexible Tape. Combined with GM Lighting’s Touch Controller and Remote, you can control the colour pallet and colour transitions. This tape is available in indoor and outdoor options, both in the 5m length (cuttable at every third LED light).
24VDC Flexible LED Linear Tape
Available in Standard Output, High Output, Super High Output, and Super High Output Wet Location. The biggest benefit to the 24V DC product is when run lengths or output requirements are higher, it allows for more options and will keep the current requirements down.
LED Flexible Ribbon Connectors
Extend your tape with GM’s Flexible Ribbon Connectors. This is great for large products, where 30m isn’t enough, and means you can more easily customize smaller lengths without having to buy excess tape.
As you can see, tape lighting is a mulit-use product that can not only improve upon other lighting solutions but also work in spaces that no other lighting can.
Our team can help you finding the tape lighting that is right for your space! Give us a call at 902.452.3899 or email us at lierin@catalystsales.ca
Introducing the Nuvo Whole Home Audio System

Introducing the Nuvo Whole Home Audio System

While lighting is our first love, we also love a good home audio system. It’s a really fun feature to add into your home that makes for great entertainment and ambiance.
We spoke a few weeks ago about Broan’s bathroom fan speaker, but this week we’ve got a system that’s perfect for your whole home. The Nuvo Whole Home Audio system from Legrand features award winning speakers and the flexible Player Portfolio system, and it makes it easy to build an awesome audio experience for any (and every) room in your home.
The system will give you all the streaming capabilities you want without any of the clutter of desktop and Bluetooth pill style speakers, and in today’s post we’re highlighting its key features and how you can easily integrate it into your space.
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Easy audio control
Effortlessly control the entire system throughout your entire home with Nuvo’s three options: the intuitive Player app, which is available for smartphones and tablets, the wall-mounted tablet, and the on-wall keypad.
This makes controlling your system a breeze! The wall-mounted tablet is generally set up in a main area of the home, like the kitchen or living room and then on-wall keypads are installed throughout the home so you have access in different rooms. And of course, by using the phone app, you can control the audio throughout your entire home without leaving the couch.
To play this video, view this post from your live site.
Audio players
The system offers both wired Multi-Rack Mount players, which can cover up to three listening zones each and a total of 16 zones when joined together, and the more flexible wired/wireless Single-zone players, which can be easily added on their own or with the multi-Rack options to add more listening areas to your home. You can have a different audio option playing in each listening area or play the same thing throughout the entire home.
Note that these players aren’t just great for music but are also fantastic additions to home theaters.
Interior speakers
Nuvo puts the same care and quality into its award-winning speakers as it does to the audio system itself. The built-in speakers are available at a variety of price points and deliver high performance and impeccable sound.
Choose between the Balanced, Enhanced, and Premium speaker options. These speakers are built into the walls or ceiling for a clean, modern look.
Exterior speakers
Great audio shouldn’t be confined to inside the home! Bring your music outside with Nuvo’s landscape and outdoor speakers. This is a great addition to outdoor entertaining or simply for your own enjoyment.
Whether you want to listen to music, the news, podcasts, or enhance your home theater system, the Nuvo Whole Home Audio system is a fun essential for the modern home.
Have any questions about bringing Nuvo’s Whole Home Audio system into your space? We’re here to help! Give us a call at 902.452.3899 or email us at lierin@catalystsales.ca
Introducing: The radiant collection by Legrand

Introducing: The radiant collection by Legrand

A few weeks ago, we introduced you to the adorne collection from Legrand and showed you the wide range of gorgeous wall plates and features that it offers.
(We also ran an Instagram giveaway for $150 worth of adorne product with Bowers Construction and will be running another one soon with local blogger, Amy Peters! Follow us on Instagram to stay in the loop on all of our upcoming giveaways!).
This week, we’re introducing you to Legrand’s second wall plate line, the radiant collection. Just like adorne, the radiant collection offers wall plates and fixtures that are a step above the ordinary and brings a level of style and functionality that you won’t get from your average plugs and switches.
The style of the plates and fixtures themselves is slightly different from the adorne style, so it comes down to a matter of preference. Whereas adorne offers square fixtures (by fixtures we mean switches, dimmers, outlets, etc.), the radiant fixtures are rectangular (or what is traditionally known as decorator), and the wall plate finishes vary between the two collections.
Either way, they’re both fantastic lines that our customers can’t get enough of! Check out the features of the radiant collection, and then hop over to our post on the adorne collection so you can find the pieces that are best suited for you and your space.


Wall Plates

The radiant wall plates feature clean lines, a low profile, and no screws, giving them a sleek look that compliment your room’s décor. They’re available in 1-6 gang plates and come in nine different finishes including nickel, white, dark bronze, and graphite.




Choose between a variety of switch options including a standard single pole, switch/outlet combo, and 3 or 4 way. You can also enjoy convenient features like lighted switches, timers, night light/switch combos, and RF switches that can be controlled with your home automation system, Alexa and Google Home.







Even radiant’s standard outlets are a cut above other brands’. While most outlets are simply designed to provide power, radiant’s also protect you and your home from shock and fires. They also offer weather resistant options for outdoor lighting, and standard outlets can be combined with nightlights, USB outlets, and switches.





One of our favourite products ever is radiant’s wireless charger. It replaces any standard outlet in your home and allows you to charge your smart phone wirelessly! Simply clip it in place and let it charge. This is perfect for any room in the house, but it’s particularly popular in kitchens, bedrooms, and offices. Keep in mind too, that it can be combined with other fixtures, such as outlets and switches. Radiant also offers quad USB chargers (which fit into a 1-gang space) and USB/outlet combos.

When it comes to dimmers, radiant offers more variety for different voltages and bulb types, whereas adorne offers more style options. The majority of radiant dimmers are in the toggle style, but they’re tailored to LED, florescent, incandescent, magnetic low voltage, and more. They can also be connected to your home automation system.



Home Automation
Pair your switches and dimmers with Legrand’s Intuity system for easy to use home automation. The system also supports scene control, which allows you to set up preconfigured lighting scenes that are accessed with the touch of a button. Whole Home Audio lets you control the audio throughout your home, and Whole Home Intercom gives you total convenience (without those unsightly intercom systems from the 80s!).
If you are looking for a little more functionality in your home automation eco system, the radiant collection can also be paired with Samsung Smarthings Hub, Alexa and Google Home.


Furniture Power Centres

Add your outlets directly into your furniture for seamless functionality. These outlets are perfect in headboards and desks. This option is great for home, but it’s especially popular for office and public spaces.



To learn more about the radiant collection from Legrand, head here to their site.

And more more on the adorne collection, check out our post here.
For info on how to incorporate the radiant collection into your space, give us a call at 902.452.3899 or email us at lierin@catalystsales.ca