The Benefits of an Electric Fireplace

The Benefits of an Electric Fireplace

Few things amp up the ambiance of a room quite like a fireplace. Whether you’re outfitting a living room, building lobby, or any space in between, they can all benefit from the warmth and glow that fireplaces offer. In today’s post, we’re outlining the benefits of choosing an electric fireplace over traditional and gas options.
While traditional fireplaces are great, they often require a lot of maintenance and aren’t suitable for many locations. They can also wreak havoc on our health and on the environment. Combustible sources contain toxic carbon monoxide, smog-causing nitrogen oxides, soot, fine particles, and a range of other chemicals and gases that can cause or worsen serious health problems, particularly among children, pregnant women, and people with breathing difficulties.
Gas fireplaces are another option, but they are generally expensive to run (propane isn’t cheap!), and you don’t get the snap, pops, and crackles of a real fire (essentials in our opinion!).
Enter the electric fireplace, specifically Dimplex electric fireplaces. Dimplex products are like the Cadillac of electric fireplaces, and they have all of the pros of traditional and gas fireplaces without the cons.
Let’s take a look at the benefits of a Dimplex electric fireplace.
Realistic Look
Dimplex electric fireplaces use cutting edge technology to offer you the most realistic flame- you’ll swear you have a real fire going! Both the look and sound simulate a real fire, so you can enjoy the true experience of a fireplace.
Between traditional, gas, and electric, electric fireplaces are the easiest to install. You don’t need a chimney or a gas line- they’re just like any electrical appliance that you can plug in anywhere! If you can “install” a toaster, you can install an electric fireplace.
An electric fireplace can save you money on your heating bill and is generally much cheaper to run than a gas fireplace. Not only are you getting the look and feel of a real fireplace, but you’re also saving money! They are also generally cheaper to purchase and install than gas fireplaces.
With an electric fireplace, you control the flame and the heat separately- if you want to really warm up a room you can turn both the flame and the heat on; if you don’t need the heat, simply enjoy the flame on its own.
Unlike traditional and gas options, electric fireplaces emit no carbon monozide, particulates, or emissions. Also, with the growth of wind and solar you could essentially heat your space and have all the benefits of a fireplace through 100% renewable energy!
The glass front of an electrical fireplace stays cool to the touch, giving you complete peace of mind. It’s a great option if you have kids or pets running around! All of the ambiance, none of the worry.
Which Dimplex electric fireplace is right for your space?
Electric Firebox
If you already have a mantel or want the look of a traditional fireplace, an electric firebox is the option for you. They can be fitted right into your existing mantel, or you can pair them with a Dimplex BuiltRite Mantel to instantly add the look and feel of a real fireplace into your room without any hassle. They come in a variety of sizes, so you can choose the one that’s right for your space.


Wall Mount Electric Fireplace

For a sleeker, more modern look, consider a wall mount electric fireplace. Available in a variety of sizes and lengths, they can be outfitted right onto the wall and offer the perfect blend of modern and warmth. All you need is a bracket and an outlet.

The bottom line: a Dimplex electric fireplace is a cost efficient and easy way to dramatically enhance the ambiance of your space.
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How to Use Legrand’s Wi-Fi Lighting with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

How to Use Legrand’s Wi-Fi Lighting with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

Controlling your home lighting has never been easier: with the Wi-Fi lighting series from Legrand’s adorne and radiant collection’s, you’ll not only improve the security and energy efficiency of your space but you’ll also have complete control of your lighting, both at home and remotely.
The Wi-Fi Lighting System is great to use on its own but it’s also compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, making lighting your space even more convenient. In today’s post, we’re going to share everything you need to know to set up Wi-Fi Lighting in your space!
Let’s start with the basics: what is Wi-Fi Lighting?
Wi-Fi lighting is a lighting system that allows you to control your light switches, dimmers, and outlets both manually and via your smartphone and tablet. This means you can control your lights anywhere you have a internet connection!
What are the benefits of Wi-Fi lighting?
Great question! As we mentioned above, Wi-Fi Lighting puts you in complete control of your lighting both from your home and remotely. You’ll improve security by being able to turn your lights on and off while you’re away.; you’ll reduce your energy bill and improve energy efficiency because you’ll ensure your lights are only on when you need them; and you can set the mood and create the perfect ambiance with Wi-Fi lighting control.
Even better? It connects with your Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant
Using an app is great. What’s even better is controlling your lights with voice command. Legrand’s Wi-Fi Lighting System is compatible with your smart home system making lighting your space effortless (and pretty fun!). Why reach for a light switch when you can simply ask your home system to do it for you! Of course, this is optional, and you can still enjoy Wi-Fi control using only your Legrand Lighting Control app.
Ready to get started? Here’s what you’ll need:
1. The Hub from Legrand, this is the brain of the system
2. The adorne or radiant collections’ Wi-Fi Ready switches, dimmers, and/or outlets
3. The free Legrand Lighting Control app
4. Your Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant
5. Your smartphone or tablet
Easy Set up:
Step 1: Choose your devices. You can choose from the adorne and radiant collections’ Wi-Fi Light switches, dimmers, and outlets. These switches are wired exactaly like a tradional switch or dimmer. There’s no special wiring need, and it and can be done by your electrician or any DIY’er with a basic confort level for installing a switch.
Step 2: Plug in The Hub. To connect your devices, all you need to do is plug in The Hub to your wireless network and pair with your adorne Wi-Fi Ready products. This takes less than 30 minutes and couldn’t be simpler. You don’t need a computer or any special software- it can all be done through the app and is as easy as turning a light on then assigning it a name.
Step 3: Download the free Legrand Lighting Control app. Simple lighting control at our fingertips.
Step 4: Pair devices with your Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant and customize your settings.
Step 5: Enjoy your new lighting system!
You can check out Wi-Fi Lighting in action here!
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Want more smart technology? Lighting isn’t the only thing you can control remotely- be sure to check out our post on how to control your heat with Dimplex’s Smart Heating System.
Got questions about Wi-fi Lighting or Smart Heating? We’re always here to help! Give us a call at 902.266.3899 or email us at lierin@catalystsales.ca
2018 Lighting Trends with Charlotte Interiors

2018 Lighting Trends with Charlotte Interiors

photo: @myscandinavianhome

This week, we’re so excited to have Charlotte Skiba of Charlotte Interiors on the blog! Charlotte is a Halifax based interior decorator and home stager, and she’s here to share the top lighting trends for 2018.

With a new year comes new design trends and every year something seems to change at least slightly from the year before. Old trends become new again, current trends evolve, and completely new trends emerge. This holds true through fashion and design and especially lighting. So instead of leaving it up to you to figure out, I’ve compiled a list of the latest lighting trends for 2018.

Trend: Soft Gold
Gold has definitely been making a huge comeback, but this time it’s coming back in a softer hue than the old brassy gold that was popular in the 90s. This finish provides some warmth to your design and can be paired with other metals, such as nickel and aged brass (both warmer metals). The Karin wall sconce from Mitzi by Hudson Valley is perfect for bathroom vanity lighting. Pair two of these with a black or nickel round mirror and a soft gold faucet to create a beautiful bathroom.

Trend: Midcentury Modern

Midcentury Modern is having a big moment in design and lighting is no exception. Clean lines and round shades are very popular this year. The Ashleigh light from Mitzi by Hudson Valley is the perfect addition to any midcentury modern living room.

Trend: Big Fixtures
Large fixtures that make a statement are very popular right now. I’m seeing most of these larger fixtures showing up as kitchen island pendants and they really anchor the space. Typically, on a large island you would see three medium size pendants, but what we’re seeing now is that number changing to two and those pendants being fairly significant in size, almost like something you would see over a dining room table. The Silhouette pendant by Troy Lighting comes in at a width of 27.75” and would make a perfect statement for your kitchen island lighting.

Trend: Exposed Bulbs

Exposed bulbs have gained some popularity over the last few years and are still holding steading in lighting design. Now with the multitude of different bulbs, including different shaped Edison bulbs it makes it easier to get a great exposed bulb design. The Tara wall scones from Mitzi by Hudson Valley gives a candlestick effect and would be perfect to place on either side of a painting or a mirror above a fireplace.

Trend: Refined Rustic

The farmhouse/rustic look has been popular for a few years now and I’m noticing the trend shift a little more towards a more refined rustic look. What I mean by refined is more clean lines. I’m still seeing lots of aged bronze and French iron, and matte black is becoming a popular finish, which fits in nicely with the refined rustic look. The Arcadia chandelier from Troy Lighting is perfect for over a dining table and pairs nicely with wood tones, leather and shiplap for a perfect refined rustic design.

Stay update with Charlotte on her website and Instagram!

Want more info on which of these trends are right for your space? Contact our sales team at 902.266.3899 or lierin@catalystsales.ca

Set the Mood: Your Guide to Dimmer Switches

Set the Mood: Your Guide to Dimmer Switches

The number one rule for setting the mood? Good lighting! Whether you’re looking for the perfect romantic lighting or wanting to conserve energy and have lighting flexibility in your space, dimmer switches are the way to go.
And if you thought using a dimmer still meant a sliding switch, think again! The game has changed, and in addition to traditional dimmers, you can now experience motion sensing dimmers, glass touch dimmers, app based wifi control, and so much more.
We love the dimmer options available in Legrand’s adorne and radiant collections. They’re not only stylish and customizable, but they have options for all of your dimming wants and needs.
Tru Universal Dimmer Switch
The game changer! The recipient of Lighting of Tomorrow’s lighting control award, the Tru Universal Dimmer Switch will automatically adapt to any load or combination of loads attached to them, including Incandescent/Halogen, Magnetic Low Voltage, Electronic Low Voltage (ELV) in Forward or Reverse Phase, CFL/LED bulbs, etc.
The Tru-Universal also eliminates flicker, early dropout, or “pop-on” deficiencies, which can plague other non-adaptive dimmers. The best part is you don’t have to worry about any technical details- simply pair it with any fixture, power it on, and you’re done.

Motion Sensor Dimmer Switches
Motion Sensor Dimmers are a great way to conserve energy and keep your electrical bill down! The lights automatically turn off when you leave the room and can also be controlled with a switch.
Standard Dimmer Switches
The Standard Dimmer Switches offer customizable options for colour, wattage, and bulb type. Adjust your lighting with toggles, paddle dimmers, touch dimmer (which functions like a touch screen), or sofTap (which responds to the touch of your finger tips).

RF Dimmers
The RF Lighting Control dimmers integrate with the Legrand’s Intuity Home automation system for total control of lights, security, audio, and more. This is your one stop shop for ultimate home automation.
Wifi Ready Dimmer Switches
Take maximum control over your lighting with Wifi Ready Dimmer Switches. Lights can be adjusted using the dimmer or right from your smartphone or tablet! The system couldn’t be easier to set up, requires no additional or special wiring and integrates seamlessly with Amazon’s Alexa and the Google Home assistant.
Multi Location Dimmer Switch
Control up to 9 remote dimmers with the Multi Location Dimmer Switch. This is the perfect option for offices and large spaces. It also solves the problem of being able to dim a single load or light fixture from two locations. Traditionally when you have a 3-way dimming application only one of the two switches could dim.
Want to know which dimming option is right for your space? Give us a call at 902.452.3899, or email us at mark@catalystsales.ca
Heating Your Space with a Smart Heating System

Heating Your Space with a Smart Heating System

If you’re still using a traditional electric heating system, you’re missing out on the savings, energy efficiency, convenience, and customization that Smart Heating systems have to offer.
For years, smart thermostats like NEST™, Ecobee™ and others have dominated the landscape. Unfortunately these thermostats only offer low voltage control for furnaces and boilers. There has never been a simple solution for the electric baseboard heating market, a market which is prevalent and growing right here in Atlantic Canada- until now. Today, we’re going to walk you through everything you need to know about Dimplex’s CONNEX Smart Heating System.
What is it?
Okay, so before we get into details, let’s start off with the basics: What is Smart Heat? Smart Heat is a heating system that offers whole home control on a wireless system. This means that you have complete control of how you heat your space using a wireless remote or your phone.
Who is it for?
The CONNEX system offers complete flexibility and is a perfect fit for both residential and commercial spaces. You can choose between installing an entire CONNEX system or integrate CONNEX’s smart technology to operate with your current system.
Why use it?
So what’s so special about this system? Here are just a few of the reasons we guarantee you’ll love it.
You’ll save money
With the CONNEX electric heating system, you get a return on investment in just 3-5 years. You’ll notice an energy savings of 29-33% with their smart fan heaters and baseboards, as well as an overall savings thanks to the system’s high temperature sensitivity and programming options.
Enjoy zone heating
The CONNEX system allows you to customize how and where you heat your space. Rather than maintaining a uniform temperature throughout, you can employ zone heating to heat the rooms you actually spend time in. This offers substantial energy savings and customizable comfort.
The convenience of wireless control
With Smart Heat, you can control your heat from anywhere! Forget to turn down your thermostat when you leave home? Do it from your phone. Heading to the office and want it to be warmed up when you get there? Turn it up on your drive in. Wherever you are, you’re in complete control.
It’s easy to install
Technology can sometimes feel overwhelming, but installing CONNEX couldn’t be easier. Because the heaters run on wireless technology, there are no wires to run and no holes to cut, and the CONNEX thermostat will work with any brand of baseboard or fan heater.
The perfect compliment
CONNEX is the perfect compliment to the large market growth of ductless heat pumps. These heating systems still require a back up heat source and because the CONNEX product does not require in wall thermostats it can be retrofitted with a single wire directly to the heaters. There is no faster installed product for this application than CONNEX.
Want to learn more about how Smart Heating can work for you? We’re here to help with any of your questions and needs! Give us a call at 902.452.3899 or email us at lierin@catalystsales.ca