11 Beautiful Kitchen Lighting Ideas

11 Beautiful Kitchen Lighting Ideas

One of our favourite rooms in a home to pick out lighting for is the kitchen. Yes, we love a good living room chandelier, bedroom table lamp, or bathroom vanity sconce, but there’s just something about good kitchen lighting that really does it for us. The right fixtures add so much to your space, and as we all know, the kitchen is the heart of the home, and we think it should be decorated accordingly.

In this week’s blog post, we’re sharing a few of our favourite kitchen lighting designs. For more gorgeous kitchen decor, make sure you’re following us on Instagram!

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Fulton Hinkley Morgan Mullen Design

Fixture: Fulton by Hinkley | Design: Morgan Mullen Design

An all white kitchen with gold accents and gorgeous light fixtures are what we live for! The Fulton pendants from Hinkley were just made for beautiful kitchens.

Get the look with the Fulton fixtures.


adorne wall plate by Legrand | Build: Bowers Construction | Photo: Matt McMullen

You know we love a good adorne wall plate on a marbled kitchen backsplash. Decor heaven!!

Get the look with the adorne collection.


Somerset by Hinkley

Fixtures: Somerset by Hinkley

Cool, neutral, and modern- this kitchen is a serious mood. And we love how the Somerset pendants from Hinkley compliment the space so perfectly.

Get the look with the Somerset fixtures.


Milo Mitzi by Hudson Valley Lighting Brit Arnesen of Brit Dot Design Wendy Swanson

Fixture: Milo by Mitzi | Design: Brit Arnesen of Brit Dot Design | Photo: Wendy Swanson

Fresh, bright, and Pinterest-worthy- that’s the way we like our kitchens!

Get the look with the Milo fixtures.


nash hinkley lighting

Fixture: Nash by Hinkley

If coastal is your style, there’s nothing better than the Nash pendants from Hinkley.

Get the look with the Nash fixtures.


Melrose Corbett Lighting House Beautiful Kitchen of the Year 2018 Martyn Lawrence Bullard Victoria Pearson

Fixture: Melrose by Corbett Lighting x Martyn Lawrence Bullard | Design: Victoria Pearson

Maximalists, this one’s for you. There’s so much going on here in this gorgeous kitchen, and we love every last bit of it.

Get the look with the Melrose fixtures.


Wadsworth Hudson Valley Lighting Brandalyn Designs Rebekah Westover

Fixtures: Wadsworth by Hudson Valley Lighting | Design: Brandalyn Designs | Photo: Rebekah Westover

We love how these beautiful flush mounts replace the typical kitchen pot lights and/or pendants.

Get the look with the Wadsworth fixtures.


Hyozan Matteo Lighting

Fixture: Hyozan by Matteo Lighting

We love an over the sink pendant, and we love two over the sink pendants even more!

Get the look with the Hyozan fixtures.


Paige Mitzi by Hudson Valley Lighting Jessica Brigham

Fixture: Paige by Mitzi | Design: Jessica Brigham

How cute are these coordinated light fixtures. A matching chandelier and wall sconces put the lighting front and centre in this beautiful kitchen.

Get the look with the Paige fixtures.


Fulton Hinkley @peteandselena

Fixture: Fulton by Hinkley Design: @peteandselena

We always love @peteselena’s gorgeous designs and her modern farmhouse kitchen is no exception. Plus you just can’t go wrong with the Fulton pendants from Hinkley. They made the list twice, so you know we’re obsessed!

Get the look with the Fulton fixtures.


Blair Mitzi by Hudson Valley Lighting TC Studios

Fixture: Blair by Mitzi | Design: TC Studios

Pastels bring a fun and fresh feel to a kitchen- especially when they’re coordinated with other kitchen decor! So cute.

Get the look with the Blair fixtures.

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15 New Light Fixtures You Need in 2020

15 New Light Fixtures You Need in 2020

Ashland Hudson Valley Lighting | Photo: David Luong of Dabito
Last week, we shared some of our favourite new light fixtures of 2020, but there were too many to share in one post! This week, we’re back with some more our our favourite new releases. These fixtures were showcased at the Lightovation light fair in Dallas at the beginning of the year and you can see more fixtures and highlights in our Lightovation IG highlight.

To find showrooms for any of our lighting lines across Atlantic Canada, head over to our Where to Buy page.


Blue Point Hudson Valley Lighting

Top: Blue Point | Left to Right: Truxton, Calverton, Mastic, Denali

It was all about statement table lamps for the Hudson Valley Lighting new releases, and we were here for it! The right table lamp is more than just a light fixture- it can be a major addition to your room’s decor. The Blue Point lamp earned itself a spotlight in this blog post because it is just so cute!!

See the entire collection of New Releases here!


Contour Z-lite

Top: Contour | Left to right: Harper, Ayra, Barclay, Neutra

We saw lots of matte black and gold in the Z-lite new release collection, in a wide variety of styles and sizes! The collection has something for everyone and is, as always, available at a great price point.

See the Z-lite new releases here.


Kiara Corbett

Top: Kiara | Left to right: Jai-Alai, Charm, Savvy, Moxy

Corbett Lighting always delivers, and their new releases were as stunning as ever. We’d expected nothing less from one of our favourite high end lighting lines.

See the Corbett Lighting new releases here.


dals lighting Smart Home linear

In 2017, DALS Lighting introduced its first Smart Home lighting products, which allowed customers to enjoy smart lighting throughout their home with nothing more than the app on their phone- no complicated devices or installs. This collection has grown over the years, and in 2020 DALS is boasting a complete range of smart home products.

This year, DALS launched their new Smart Pendant, Smart Table Lamp, and Smart Linear, amongst other items. These products aren’t up on the website yet, but they’re coming soon!

See the current Smart Home selection here. 

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20 New Light Fixtures We’re Loving in 2020

20 New Light Fixtures We’re Loving in 2020

Tessa Mitzi
If you follow us on Instagram, you may have seen that we were in Dallas last week for the January 2020 Lightovation lighting show. At the show, all of our lighting lines showcased their new releases, and we were blown away with the collections. At the show, we say a ton of gold, glass, boho styles, and rattan, but there was something for every taste, style, and budget.

Keep reading for some of our favourite new releases, and stay tuned for next week when we’ll share Part II!

To find showrooms for any of our lighting lines across Atlantic Canada, head over to our Where to Buy page.


Renity Matteo Lighting

Top: Renity | Left to right: Astro, Tillie, Razz, Dango

Matteo always manages to create the most effortless and minimal fixtures that still make a stylish statement. Their fixtures are simple, impactful, and affordable, and added bonus, Canadian-made.

See more from Matteo Lighting here.


Top: Tessa | Left to right: Hope, Aly, Harlow, Ringo

Mitzi’s new releases were as fresh and stylish as ever- the whole showroom looked like it came straight out of your favourite influencer’s IG feed. We saw lots of cool, minimal fixtures, with lots of glass and gold finishes.

Choosing a favourite was nearly impossible, but if we HAD to choose, the Tessa really blew us away. Macrame, gold, and socute, we are in love and can’t wait to see how Mitzi’s community styles it in their homes.

See the entire collection of New Releases here!


hinkley ceiling fans

While Hinkley did showcase a whole collection of new light fixtures, there was a big focus on their new indoor and outdoor ceiling fans. Ceiling fans used to get a bad rep in the decor world, but this new trend of stylish options not only looks great in your home but also helps to save on your power bill- they’ll keep you cool in the summer AND (a lesser known fact) warmer in the winter.

See Hinkley Fans here.


Holden Troy Lighting

Top: Holden | Left to right: Nest, Arlo, Bergamot Station, Nomad

We are very happy to report that Troy Lighting continued their focus on natural materials in their new releases. We are just loving the woven rattan trend, and it looks like it’s going to keep going strong in 2020!

See the entire collection of New Releases here.


Paget Eurofase Lighting

Top: Paget | Left to right: Bloomfield, Devonshire, Coburg, Nottingham

Walking into the Eurofase showroom always feels like you’re stepping into a beautiful high-end jewelry store. They fixtures are just stunning, and their 2020 releases blew us away. We’ve highlighted a couple of our favourites here, but this is just the tip of the luxurious-lighting-iceberg.

See the entire collection of new releases here.

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Lighting on a Budget: Our Top Picks for Affordable Light Fixtures

Lighting on a Budget: Our Top Picks for Affordable Light Fixtures

Matteo blop

The Blop pendant – Matteo Lighting

Updating your light fixtures is one of the quickest and easiest ways to refresh your decor. Nothing dates a room like outdated lighting, and swapping in some fresh fixtures can add so much to a space.

While many light fixtures on the market can carry a pretty hefty price tag, they don’t need to! We’ve rounded up our favourite affordable pieces to help you stay stylish and on trend on a budget.

You can find showroom locations around Atlantic Canada for all of the lighting lines on our Where to Buy page.

The adorne Collection’s White Wall Plates

QE2 Home Lottery the adorne collection legrand1

It’s not secret that we love the sleek and stylish wall plates from Legrand’s adorne collection. The screwless wall plates are highly customizable and available in a wide variety of colours and materials. While some of the more expensive materials, like the metal plates, can carry a higher price tag, the white wall plates are super affordable, starting at just $7 for a gloss white finish.

See the adorne collection here.

Eglo’s Wymer Pendant

eglo Wymer pendant

We love the cool industrial style of Eglo’s Wymer collection, and it’s just one of their many stylish yet affordable pieces.

See the Wymer collection here.

Matteo Lighting’s Marmo Pendants

matteo lighting marmo

We love the stylish selection from Canadian company, Matteo Lighting. They offer a wide selection of affordable pieces, and one of our favourites is the Marmo pendant. With marbled detailing and a simple design, they look great on their own, or hung as a bunch.

See the Marmo pendant here.

DALS Smart Bulbs

dals smart bulb

There’s no easier, or more affordable, way to introduce smart lighting into your home than with the Smart Bulbs from DALS’ Smart Home collection. Simply screw in the bulb, which retails for approx. $30, connect it to the free app, and you’re good to go. You’ll be able to control all aspects of your bulb (including dimming, switching it on and off, setting it to a timer, and colour changing) right from your phone.

See the Smart Bulbs here.

Z-Lite’s Harbor Lane Lanterns

Z-Lite is among our most affordable lighting lines, and they carry a wide range of products, covering just about any kind of light you could want or need. We love the cute Harbor Lane outdoor lanterns, which are a fraction of the cost of other retailers’ lantern fixtures.

See the Harbor Lane lantern here.

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Our Top 10 Favourite Decor Looks of 2019

Our Top 10 Favourite Decor Looks of 2019

Happy New Year Everyone! We hope you all had a wonderful holiday season. We are so excited for the new year and what it will bring, but before we look ahead, we wanted to take a minute to recap our favourite decor styles from the past year!

This year, our lighting lines released so many gorgeous and on-trend pieces, and we got the chance to collab on them with some of our amazing local influencers.

Here’s to the beautiful styles from 2019 and the many more to come in 2020!

You can find local showrooms for all of the lighting lines mentioned in this post on our Where to Buy page.

huxley troy lighting

Light: Huxley | Photo: Cara Loren

One of our favourite styles of the year was the nature inspired look, and Troy Lighting’s rattan collection epitomized the trend. Blogger Cara Loren chose the Huxley chandelier from the collection for her beautiful neutral dining room, and it left us pretty much speechless. You can see our other favourites from the collection here.

nash hinkley lighting

You don’t have to be a Maritimer to love the coastal look! This timeless trend brings warmth and style to any space, and our roundup of our favourite coastal inspired fixtures was one of our most popular posts of the year! Featured here is one of our favourite coastal fixtures of all, the Nash from Hinkley.

QE2 Home Lottery the adorne collection legrand1

This year we got to participate in one of our biggest collabs to date: the QE2 Home Lottery. We partnered with Homes by Highgate and Wadden Electric to outfit the entire home with wall plates, outlets and switches from Legrand’s adorne and radiant collections. We loved the fresh, light, and open feel to the home’s design, and the wall plates were the perfect finishing touch. You can see more from our collab here.

the adorne collection amy peters

Amy Peter’s beautiful home will always make our top favourites. Last year, we collabed on her bar sink reno with the wall plates from the adorne collection. This year, she expanded the space with this cute seating area. Boho was one of our favourite looks this year and this gorgeous space nails the trend.

Troy Lighting Allure jessannkirby

Another picture perfect boho look, we love Jess Kirby’s soft, plant filled space. The Allure flush mount from Troy Lighting offers the perfect subtle touch.

Matteo Lighting lightsaber daherinteriordesign

Design: @daherinteriordesign

Our favourite Mid Century Modern look of the year had to be this gorgeous design from @daherinteriordesign. It looks like a scene straight out of Mad Men, and the LIGHTSABER chandler from Matteo Lighting finishes the space off perfectly.

Corbett Lighting Dolce mckennableu

Photo: @mckennableu

One of your favourite posts on our Instagram this year was this cozy glam design from @mckennableu, featuring the Dolce chandelier from Corbett Lighting. If you’re looking for a glam light fixture this year, Corbett and Eurofase are the lines for you.

Hudson Valley Lighting Baird sarahshermansamuel

Design: @sarashermansamuel

We were big into neutral boho decor this year, and this bathroom might just be our favourite bathroom design of the entire year. Featured in Domino Magazine and designed by @sarahshermansamuel, it’s effortlessly chic, and the Baird sconces from Hudson Valley Lighting match the vibe perfectly.

Indie Home the adorne collection

Indie Home’s cute office space captures everything we love in one photo: plants, rattan, and a brushed brass wall plate from Legrand’s adorne collection. For more of our influencer collabs, check out our round ups here and here.

photo: @joinneryanddesignco

Light fixtures are great and all, but our favourite decor accessory of the entire year had to be these sweet little kittens! We’re predicting this to be a top trend in 2020. :p Light fixture is the Hunters Point pendant from Troy Lighting, and design is @joinneryanddesignco.

Thank you all so much for following along with us in 2019!! We’re so excited to share more designs, trends, and light fixtures with you in 2020.

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10 Holiday Designs We’re Loving This Season

10 Holiday Designs We’re Loving This Season

photo: @missrusticarrow

Can you believe we’re just 1 week away from Christmas?? There are so many reasons we love the holiday season, but the holiday styles and decor are one that we look the most forward to. We love seeing how our favourite decorators and influencers deck the halls, whether it’s with high budget decor upgrades or simple homemade garlands.

In this week’s post, we’re sharing some of our favourite looks from this holiday season. And if you’re looking for tips for your own holiday decor, check out last week’s post.

To shop any of the light fixtures we mention, head over to our Where to Buy page.


Troy Lighting Viola skai photography

Sawyer chandelier – Troy Lighting | photo: @skaiphotography

We love this fresh white decor mixed with minimal Christmas accessories and glam touches, like Troy Lighting’s Viola chandelier. It feels warm and modern at the same time, and the chandelier really ties it all together.

See the Viola chandelier here.


hinkley lighting Fulton houseofsoss

Hinkley Lighting- Fulton | photo: @houseofsoss

During the holidays (and all year round, tbh) we have a twinkle like motto: you can never have enough! We sprinkle those babies everywhere! We love these globe twinkle lights (available at IKEA, if you’re interested!) wrapped around @houseofsoss‘s beautiful mirror. And the Fulton pendant from Hinkley Lighting looks pretty cute in the reflection too!

See the Fulton pendant here.


Troy Lighting Little Harbor missrusticarrow

Troy Lighting- Little Harbor | photo: @missrusticarrow

Stunning front door decor alert! We love how Nikki of @missrusticarrow accented her beautiful dark and moody exterior with the most gorgeous garland’s and wreath. DIY garland may take a bit more effort but it’s a beautiful (and free!) way to add so much holiday cheer to your home. Topped off with the Little Harbor sconce from Troy Lighting, we’re calling this look holiday perfection.

See the Little Harbor sconces here.


mitzi lighting lula pilates paris

Mitzi Lighting- Lula flush mounts | photo: Paris Pilates

Between the millenial pink walls, cute Lula fixtures from Mitzi Lighting, and traditional mirrors and garland, we could just die over this holiday look from Paris Pilates!! Pink, festive heaven.

See the Lula flush mounts here.


Troy Lighting Ace goldalamode

Troy Lighting- Ace chandelier | photo: goldalamode

We are so here for the flocked Christmas tree trend that has taken over our IG accounts over the last few holiday seasons. Especially when they’re accessorized as beautifully as @goldalamode‘s. It’s the perfect look for her glam living room, featuring the Ace chandelier from Troy Lighting.

See the Ace Chandelier here.


legrand adorne collection lady slipper blog

Legrand’s adorne collection- white wall plates | photo: The Lady Slipper Blog

Local influencer, Mallory of The Lady Slipper Blog, introduced us to one of our new favourite holiday trends – woven wicker tree skirts! It gives us Modern Farmhouse vibes and is such a cute alternative to the traditional cloth tree skirts (we haven’t found any ourselves, but rumour has it that you can find them at Canadian Tire!). Another cute accessory in the photo? The white wall plates from Legrand’s adorne collection.

See the adorne collection here.


legrand adorne collection lady slipper blog

The adorne collection- brushed brass plates | photo: @withmabel

There’s just something about pine mixed with gold that we can’t get enough of- yes, lots of colours around the holidays are fun, but in our opinion, nothing compares to a neutral yet glittery pallet. The combo of the brushed brass wall plate from Legrand’s adorne collection, mixed with a cute mini tree and gold accessories is holiday magic.

See the adorne collection here.


eglo canada

Eglo Canada

Doesn’t this snowy street and Eglo display look like it’s straight out of a Hallmark movie?? So cute! And it combines all of our favourite holiday things: gold, twinkle lights, and pine, and stylish light fixtures.

See the Eglo collection here.


mitzi asime

Mitzi- Asime | photo: @aframe.on.fletcher

We’ve been loving watching the reno progress over at @aframe.on.fletcher, and it’s coming together in the most beautiful way! We love the Scandi decor paired with their tree (more gold and pine! Heart eyes!). They have not one, but two, Asime pendants from Mitzi in here, and they just look so cute!

See the Asime pendants here.


hinkley lighting sullivan

Hinkley Lighting- Sullivan | photo: @robin_stubbert_photographer | design: @kristenvermeulendes / @gershwilerbuildingic

Is there anywhere cozier to spend Christmas than a log cabin? This look is giving us all of that and more. Stacked wood, wooden crates, bare trees, and the Sullivan sconces from Hinkley Lighting all come together to give us the perfect woodsy style.

See the Sullivan sconces here.

Happy Holidays, Everyone!! 🙂

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5 Cozy Living Room Accessories You Need This Winter

5 Cozy Living Room Accessories You Need This Winter

troy lighting house seven design sawyer

design: House Seven Design

The winter weather is officially here, and while there’s always a part of us that is dreaming about warm summer days, there is something so welcoming and cozy about this time of year. It’s the season to curl on up the couch with a blanket, a hot drink, and your favourite show, and we’re not mad about it!

We love making a few tweaks to our decor around this time of year to really amp up the cozy factor, and we’re sharing them here in today’s post! The tips range in pricing, so you can choose the one’s that fit your budget.


mia mitzi lighting

fizture: Mia by Mitzi | photo: Lea Johnson

Harsh overhead lights have no place in a cozy living room set up, so we recommend accessorizing with cute table lamps to get that warm, homey glow. If you’re looking for the perfect table lamp for your home, check out our favourite styles here.


Just like we layer on our clothing to stay warm and cozy during the winter, layering on our decor can help to create the perfect hygge style. Adding in extra throw blankets, throw pillows, and coffee table books is a simple way to instantly make your space feel welcoming and cozy.


dimplex electric fireplace halifax nova scotia

photo: Dimplex

We feel fairly confident in saying that there is nothing cozier than a fireplace. Spending a winter evening by a fire is just pure wintery heaven, and we think no home should be without! Most of us aren’t lucky enough to have a fireplace already in our homes, but with Dimplex’s line of electric fireplaces, you can easily add one in to any room in your home. They have a variety of styles too, so you can choose the option that best suits your decor including stoves, wall mounts, and mantels.

See Dimplex’s entire collection of electric fireplaces here.


A really simple (and free!) way to make your room a winter haven is to incorporate some natural touches. A bowl full of pinecones, a vase filled with boughs, or some sprigs of fresh holly are just a few ways that you can bring the outdoors into your living room. You’ll get an instant log cabin vibe without having to spend a dime!


It’s amazing the impact that the right lighting can have on your decor. Bright, white lighting definitely has its place, but to get that cozy glow, you need warm lighting. You can buy warm light bulbs, or you can check out the Smart Bulbs from DAL’s Lighting. These bulbs allow you to switch between cool and warm lighting, dim your lights, and completely control the bulbs all through the app on your phone or your smart home assistant (like Amazon Alexa). These bulbs are super affordable and help to create the perfect ambiance (they make a great stocking stuffer too!).

Learn more about DALS’ smart home collection here.

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5 Accent Table Lamps to Instantly Upgrade Your Decor

5 Accent Table Lamps to Instantly Upgrade Your Decor

Zen Lamps Troy Lighting House Seven Design

photo: @housesevendesign

In the lighting world, ceiling fixtures tend to get most of the glory, so we wanted to dedicate a post to an equally attention worthy fixture- table lamps! Far from being purely for function, table lamps can be a true decor piece, and in this post, we want to give them their moment to shine! We’ve rounded up five of our lines’ must-have light fixtures that will instantly upgrade your home decor!

To find any of our lines at a showroom near you, head to our Where to Buy page!


Piper Mitzi Lighting cottageandsea

Photo: @cottageandsea

Okay, seriously, how cute is the Piper? We love this little guy as a bedside table lamp or bar cart decor, but really, it’s cute just about anywhere! It’s available in two sizes and two finishes, so you can get the perfect style for your space.

See the Piper lamps here.


Henley Hudson Valley Lighting
If you’re in search of glam, look no further than the beautiful Henley lamp from Hudson Valley Lighting.

Available in two sizes, the crystal base and aged brass finishes make this lamp truly show stopping.

See the Henley lamps here.


Zen Troy Lighting peteandselena
We have a full on obsession with the Zen lamps from Troy Lighting. Earthy, minimal, sleek, and oversized, it makes the perfect neutral statement piece. They’re styled above in @peteandselena‘s heavenly Nova Scotia home, and the look speaks for itself!

See the Zen lamp here.


mia mitzi lighting

photo: Lea Johnson

Forever one of our favourites, the Mia by Mitzi Lighting wins us over with it’s marble base and unique shape. Available in aged brass, polished nickel, and polished copper, you can perfectly match this cute piece to your room’s decor.

See the Mia lamp here.


camporale eglo lighting
The Camporale from Eglo features a stylish geometric design and bold tones.

It’s available as both a table lamp and a floor lamp, so you can combine them for a cohesive look.

See the Camporale lamp here. 






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How to Become a Solar Installer in PEI

How to Become a Solar Installer in PEI

solar installer PEI

Thanks to new rebates and incentive programs, as well as advances in technology, solar energy has recently experienced significant growth in PEI (and beyond) and is predicted to only continue to grow. For electricians in the province, receiving accreditation as a Solar Photovoltaic Installer (SPVI) is an appealing (and lucrative!) career move. In today’s post, we’re covering everything you need to know to become a solar installer in PEI.

Mandatory requirements for achieving solar installer status.

1. Applicants must be existing (or applying) NoE members.

2. All new and existing SPVI must have and maintain a current Red Seal Electrician under engagement for all solar installation work and submit corresponding License number to efficiencyPEI.

3. Maintain an annual CanSIA Membership. The fee is typically $1000/year, but a first-year discounted price of $500 is available (only accessible through julie@cansia.ca).

4. Successful completion of a 4-day solar training course. The course is conducted by the Canadian Solar Institute (CSI) and will be offered in PEI in the summer of 2020, with cost and date to be confirmed. The course will be followed by an evaluation, and an unsuccessful training evaluation will require a re-sit.

Prior to the summer training program, contractors will also have the option to take a challenge exam, which if passed, will allow them to bypass the training.

catalyst sales solar energy atlantic canada nova scotia

Probationary status

While the training program isn’t scheduled to be held until next summer, efficiencyPEI is offering a probationary period that will allow qualified contractors to execute solar installs for a 3-month time span, prior to training. Qualification for this probation period is contingent on the following demonstrated competencies.

  • Understanding electrical fundamentals.
  • Solar energy principles. Ability to calculate solar energy potential of a site. This is a service that Catalyst provides.
  • Understanding solar panel data sheets. Contractors need to be able to read and interpret a solar panel data sheet. Catalyst offers solar panels data sheets for installs, as well as calculations for max string and array sizing.
  • Understanding inverter data sheets. Contractors also need to be able to read and interpret inverter data sheets, which Catalyst can provide.
  • Contractors must also know the difference between racking for a ground or rooftop mount.

How Catalyst can help

To recap, Catalyst is able to create all of the site plans and data sheets for a solar install. We can also be present at a contractor’s first install to make sure everything runs smoothly. For all solar inquiries, you can contact our Renewable Energy Specialist, Matt, at matt@catalystsales.ca or 226-376-4057.

You can also learn more about the solar services we offer, here.

There’s never been a better time to get involved in solar, and we love that efficiencyPEI is making it simple for electrical contractors to get involved. For more info, check out their website, or reach out to us with any questions.