6 (More) Designs from Our Local Influencers

6 (More) Designs from Our Local Influencers

This week we’re back with another local collab roundup! We’ve had so many amazing opportunities to work with our talented local designers, creatives, and influencers, and we wanted to take a moment to recap some of our recent projects. For more on our past collabs, you can check out our roundups here and here.

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kayla short adorne collection legrand

A few months ago, we collabed with Kayla on her gorgeous bathroom reno, providing both white and Satin Bronze wall plates from Legrand’s adorne collection. We love how the bold look of the plate by her vanity adds such a stylish and unexpected pop! We’re currently collabing with Kayla on another project, so stay tuned for that!

See the adorne collection here.


In our last influencer round up, we shared the beginning stages of our collab with Katlyn on her beautiful A-frame, @aframe.on.fletcher. The reno has come a long way since then, and we were so excited to see how amazing the Asime pendants from Mitzi look in her stunning space.

See the Asime pendants here.


adorne collection wall plates legrand halifax nova scotia lady slipper blog
We set Mallory up with some white wall plates from Legrand’s adorne collection, and they were the perfect finishing touch for her elegant foyer.

See the adorne collection here.


mitzi bricks and birches

We always love seeing our products pop up in Robyn’s amazing designs and renos, and seeing the Clara from Mitzi in this cute little nook was no exception.

See the Clara wall sconce here.


troy lighting raef lindsay mcmullen

This one is a bit of a throwback, but we loved collabing with Lindsay McMullen on the show stopping Raef fixture from Troy Lighting. She installed the fixture in her apartment, giving her rental a gorgeous and personalized touch.

See the Raef chandelier here.


QE2 Home Lottery the adorne collection legrand1
Earlier in the fall, we got the chance to collab with Homes by Highgate and Wadden Electric on the QE2 Home Lottery. We set up the entire home with wall plates from Legrand’s adorne and radiant collections, and the results were just stunning! We recapped the entire project in a blog post here.

See more from the adorne collection here.

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5 Rattan & Woven Light Fixtures We’re Loving Right Now

5 Rattan & Woven Light Fixtures We’re Loving Right Now

huxley troy lighting

Light: Huxley | Photo: Cara Loren

From pampas grass to jute rugs, nature inspired decor is having a serious moment, and one of our favourite aspects of the trend is, not surprisingly, the gorgeous rattan and woven light fixtures we’ve seen popping up all over Instagram. We adore the warm and calming vibe the fixtures bring to a space, and we can’t see this trend going away any time soon.

One of our lines, Troy Lighting, recently released a collection of stunning fixtures made from natural materials, and we have been obsessed since they came out. In this week’s post, we’re sharing five of our favourite styles from the collection so you can find the perfect rattan and woven pieces for your home.

As with all of our lines, you can find a list of all of the Troy showrooms throughout Atlantic Canada on our Where to Buy page.


Huxley Troy

This stunning woven fixture is available in three different styles and adds an organic, textured touch to any space. The chandelier comes in three sizes, and the fixture is also available as a smaller pendant and a wall sconce.

See the Huxley family here.


hunters point troy

Design: Joinery & Design Co.

Hand-harvested rattan is stripped by artisans into fine pieces and dyed in an espresso finish; these pieces are then tied tightly around the metal frame, the form of which complements the oblong shape of the thick glass shade inside. The result? Natural lighting perfection. The fixture is available as a chandelier in two sizes and as a wall sconce.

See the Hunters Point family here.


Balboa troy
The thickness of the Balboa’s sustainably harvested rattan gives this fixture a bold yet natural design that has made it a favourite among designers. Available in a variety of styles and sizes, the Balboa is a true showstopper.

See the Balboa family here.



Design: Martha O’Hare Interiors | Photo: Jenny Terrell

Add a dose of drama to your space with the gorgeous Kokoro fixtures. Available as a chandelier, a pendant, and a flush mount, you can’t go wrong with this one.

See the Kokoro family here.


Breuer troy

A tight weave and polished finish gives the Breuer a natural-meets-glam look that we just can’t get enough of. The hand-harvested malacca, a naturally green material, is skillfully woven and makes for a great textural layer to add to your space.

See the Breuer family here.

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Win a Matteo Lighting Lineare Light Fixture (worth $740!)

Win a Matteo Lighting Lineare Light Fixture (worth $740!)

matteo lighting atlantic canada nova scotia

We haven’t done a giveaway in awhile, so we thought we’d kick off the holiday season (it’s not too early to say that, right?) with a Matteo Lighting giveaway! If you’re not already familiar with Matteo, it’s a Canadian line that we rep, offering gorgeous minimal fixtures at a surprisingly affordable price. You can learn more about the line here.

Giveaway prize

One lucky winner will receive this beautiful Lineare chandelier from Matteo Lighting. This gorgeous and minimal fixture has adjustable arms, so you can set it up in whichever position you like. It also features integrated LED lamping.

Fixture dimensions are 49″L x 1 1/4″W x 7 1/2″H.

matteo lighting

How to enter

All you have to do to enter is..
  1. Follow us, @catalystelectrics, on Instagram
  2. Tag as many friends as you’d like (in separate comments) on the Instagram giveaway post- the more comments, the more entries you’ll get!

It’s that simple!

Content rules:

1. Contest runs from Tuesday, November 5 to Friday, November 8 at 9pm
2. Winner will be announced on November 12 at 9 am.

3. Participants must be 18 years old or older and located in HRM.

To find a Matteo showroom near you, head to our Where to Buy page!

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This Canadian Sustainable Lighting Line is Changing the Game

This Canadian Sustainable Lighting Line is Changing the Game

aaline sustainable lighting canada
The demand for environmentally friendly home products has exploded in the last few years, as both consumers and companies have recognized the need for a more sustainable way of living. Lighting is no exception, and the innovations in the sustainable lighting world, which began with the LED bulb, have expanded to include all aspects on lighting. Sustainability in all areas of our industry has become a huge focus for us here at Catalyst, which was one of the reasons we were so excited to sign on our newest lighting line, aaline.

Based out of Toronto, aaline is one of the most sustainably sensitive architectural lines on the market. Their sleek and minimal designs add a cool sophistication to any space and this, coupled with their commitment to creating truly sustainable products, has made them a natural leader in the industry.

Made from 100% FSC certified hardwood sourced from Canadian forests and high-grade stainless-steel hardware, the units are natural and recyclable. With ultra-low consumption and high performance replaceable LED tubes, the aaline collection is ideal for LEED certified buildings and compatible with Living Building Challenge and Well Certification.

Aaline carries both lighting and acoustic solutions designed to be used in commercial, residential, and institutional spaces.

(As with all of our lines, you can find aaline at a showroom near you on our Where to Buy page.)


Aaline’s lighting collection includes a series of linear suspension fixtures, wall mounts, and a floor lamp. All of their fixtures have a short lead time and are highly customizable. Each piece is carved from a single block of FSC certified Canadian hardwood and is equipped with replaceable, energy-smart LED tubes for ultra-low consumption, perfect for environmentally low-impact architectural projects in line with LEED™ Platinum standards.

  • Made in Canada
  • UL & ETL components
  • Suitable for LEED™ projects
  • Ultra-low consumption
  • 100% recyclable fixture
  • Plug & Play TRIAC dimmable
  • Short lead time
  • Highly customizable


Aaline’s acoustic products are made from 100% natural materials (FSC certified Canadian Hardwood and 100% natural wool felt) and can be customized in 24 unique combinations. They’re available in both suspended ceiling and ceiling mount models.

  • Made in Canada
  • 100% Natural Felted Wool, Rapidly Renewable
  • FSC Certified Wood, Locally Sourced
  • Suitable for LEED buildings
  • Short lead time
  • Quantity pricing available
  • Highly customizable

Aaline delivers timeless style, sleek minimal fixtures, and an unparalleled level of sustainability. You can learn more about aaline’s commitment to sustainability here, and you can browse their entire collection here.

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The Halloween Accessory that Will Take Your Decor to the Next Level

The Halloween Accessory that Will Take Your Decor to the Next Level

dals lighting smart home

Halloween is almost here, and it’s time to dig out the cobwebs, witches hats, and trick or treat bags! But the best Halloween accessory of all? A light bulb from DALS Smart Home collection.

We’ve spoken before about our love for the DALS Smart Home collection, and the beauty of the bulb is that it can be moved around to any location in the home. But what makes a light bulb a Halloween accessory? It’s colour changing capabilities! Using just the app of your smart home assistant (Amazon Alexa, Google Home, etc.), you can control any of the features of the bulbs, which include changing the bulb’s colour.

Set the bulb to purple or orange for an eerie vibe and you have instant Halloween ambiance. We especially love using the bulb in a front porch light, so visitors are greeted with a spooky glow.

dals lighting smart bulb

Of course, the bulbs aren’t just great for Halloween but also any time of the year. Here are just a few of the things you can do with them.

  • Change the bulb colour.
  • Change the lighting temperature (i.e. from warm light, great for the evening and ambiance, to cool light, great for mornings and during the day).
  • Adjust the brightness.
  • Set the lights on a timer.
  • Pair music with the lights (great for parties)
  • And more.

We also love using the bulbs in place of an alarm clock. You can set your bulbs to turn on and gradually brighten at a chosen time, allowing you to be woken by the light rather than a blaring alarm- a much more natural and peaceful way to start your day!

You can learn more about DAL’s Smart Bulbs here, and their entire Smart Home collection here.

And to find a DALS showroom near you, head to our Where to Buy page and search “DALS”

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Empowering Your Workforce: An Interview with Ron Lovett

Empowering Your Workforce: An Interview with Ron Lovett

This week, we got the opportunity to speak with Ron Lovett, the founder and Chief Alignment Officer of Connolly Owens. Ron is an entrepreneur, founder of Entrepreneurs Organization (EO) Atlantic Canada, five time winner of Atlantic Business magazine’s Top 50 CEO award, founder of VIDA Living, the author of Outrageous Empowerment: The Incredible Story of Giving Employees Their Brains Back, just to name a few. In our interview, we spoke to Ron about his unique and powerful approach to empowering employees and why this is crucial for companies to be truly successful.

Prior to being a business owner, you worked as a bouncer at night clubs. What lessons did you gain from your time working there that has helped you in your current ventures?

Dealing with tough conversations, no matter what the situation is. Dealing with customers here I dealt with some of the worst situations you could ever imagine, and it taught me that you have to totally approach these conversations from a place of understanding, empathy, and treating them like they’re your very best friend.

It also taught me how to read body language VERY well. in loud situations, loud music and noise, you really had to learn to read body language. It’s helped me in meetings, allowed me to listen to tone and body language and learn so much more than from just people’s words.

I had to learn how to separate business and friendships at a young age and make sure I didn’t mix both. Having friends working for me, I was able to hold them accountable and treat them well- work is work and off work if off work.

Back then it was so important to have things locked up in a proper contract vs a handshake deal, especially with night clubs being so notorious for not paying.

What sparked your passion for empowering your work force?

Unfortunately I was at rock bottom, and I had no choice but to do something very creative and innovative that hadn’t been done in our industry. Reading and constantly consuming content and being involved in Entrepreneurs Organization allowed me to get inspired and learn from other entrepreneurs. Companies like Starbucks and Southwest stories inspired me.

What changes did you noticed in your own companies’ once you shifted the focus to empowering your employees?

We threw out the rule book completely and everything changed. Not just from our retention and our customer service- my own time became more strategic and proactive vs reactive… everything changed. We threw out all policy and procedures, and shifted to simple, scaleable systems.  Employees were given a simple three-pronged decision-making process (In short: Is it the right thing for the customer? Is it the right thing for the business? Are you willing to be accountable?) and were able to make decisions on their own. 

This resulted in front line employees making their own decisions then telling us what they did and why they did it.  We now had minimum wage employees acting strategically. I can’t TELL you how much that impacted our company. We grew 60% in a 24-month period.

What are the unexpected changes your clients have reported from implementing your strategies?

No decision-making bottlenecks, less bureaucracy, and better relationships with their staff (to name a few). Really getting in front of their human resources problems that had them pulling their hair out. They are now finally taking back control, enjoying it, and turning it into their company’s competitive advantage.

What is the single most important change you recommend companies make to empower their employees?

Get out of their way! I want to sneak 2 in here…One of the #1 things that happens over and over again is people add complexity and bureaucracy as they scale instead of making things simpler. Those things suck the energy out of not just the company, but the founders too.

What’s next for you?

Staying on my path. I am really enjoying what I’m doing with VIDA and Connolly Owens, and I want to focus on growing and scaling these companies

And trying to remind myself to not be in such a rush 🙂

You can find Ron online on his website, Twitter, and LinkedIn. And you can learn more about VIDA Living, which aims to revolutionize affordable housing, here.

5 Coastal Light Fixtures We’re Loving Right Now

5 Coastal Light Fixtures We’re Loving Right Now

nash hinkley lighting
While we are always on board for new trends (hello, modern boho!), we also love a good timeless style. One of our favourites is the Coastal look, which is a natural fit for us here in Atlantic Canada.

There’s something so fresh and welcoming about Coastal decor, and it brings a piece of seaside living to any home, regardless of its proximity to the ocean.

In today’s post, we’re sharing five of our favourite light fixtures from Hinkley Lighting. Hinkley offers both an interior Coastal collection and an exterior Coastal Elements collection, designed to withstand harsh climates and elements, perfect for our Atlantic Canadian winters and salty ocean winds.

Head to our Where to Buy page and search “Hinkley Lighting” to find these fixtures in a showroom near you.

nash hinkley lighting close up halifax nova scotia

The perfect Coastal pendant, the Nash is somehow both unique and classic at the same time. With hand panted stripes and jute rope, the details of Nash bring organic warmth and texture to any space.

See the Nash family here.

Hinkley Lighting Republic

Available in Satin Nickle and Oil Rubbed Bronze, and a variety of styles including flush mounts, pendants, and posts, the Republic fixtures add the perfect coastal vibe to any space in (or outside of) your home. Their resilient finishes feature a 5-year warranty and are resistant to rust and corrosion.

See the Republic family here.

Nantucket Hinkley

A Hinkley classic, the Nantucket features a timeless New England design for the ultimate in vintage nautical chic. The fixture is available in flush mounts, pendants, and posts, in an Aged Brass finish, clear seedy glass panels and durable solid brass construction.

See the Nantucket family here.

hinkley lighting lightovation

The Crew pendant was one of our favourite new releases at this year’s Lightovation, and it’s easy to see why! Offered in crisp Polished Nickel, Black with Heritage Brass, or Robin’s Egg Blue finishes, the single or linear pendants enhance modern, rustic, industrial or coastal spaces alike. They suit so many spaces, but how cute would the Robin’s Egg Blue single pendant be in a cottage kitchen?? *swooon*

See the Crew family here.


Freeport features a classic New England design constructed from a composite material for timeless, traditional style. The fixtures are available in a variety of styles and finishes, and the finish is resistant to rust and corrosion with a 5-year warranty.

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The Future of Renewables: The Latest Industry Trends from Solar Power International 2019

The Future of Renewables: The Latest Industry Trends from Solar Power International 2019

north america smart energy week solar power international

As you may have seen on our LinkedIn and Instagram, our team was down at Solar Power International’s (SPI) Smart Energy Week in Salt Lake City last week. It was an action-packed week, and we got the opportunity to connect with industry leaders and fellow renewable energy enthusiasts and learn about the latest industry trends, product development, and marketplace shifts. The renewable industry is starting to take off here in Atlantic Canada, and we’re so excited about the new innovations and what they will mean for our distributors, contractors, homeowners, and our region as a whole.

Our renewable lines, Canadian Solar, SolarEdge, Kinetic, and AP Systems were all in attendance as well. You can learn more about our lines here.

Among the many exciting trends and product developments, three really stood out.


First, we identified electric vehicle chargers that will work for both commercial and residential spaces. We believe that this will mark a huge step in helping our customer base make the pivot towards global electrification. Not only can EV chargers offer vehicle charging for both home and work, but with WIFI capabilities and partners like EVMatch, the home and business owner can actually rent out their chargers while they are not in use and get paid directly through on-demand services like EVMatch.

Take a look at some of our favourites:

ev chargers nova scotiaLeft to right: JuiceBox Pro 32, 40,or 75 (must be WiFi-enabled), ClipperCreek HCS-40, JuiceNet Edition, AeroVironment EVSE-RS, JuiceNet Edition


Second, something that is especially exciting in the wake of last month’s Hurricane Dorian, was the emergence of electric generators. These generators will eliminate the need for gas powered generators and will be a huge asset for homeowners and during power outages.

A few of our favourites:

Left to right: Goal Zero Yeti 1250 Portable Power Station, Lion Safari LT Power Generator


Last, and most importantly, was the battery storage, which has significant applications for NS. Currently, with grid tied net metering programs making it cost prohibitive to have battery storage, few companies are offering practical solutions for batteries paired with solar. However, this option offers major benefits, like having back-up power from your batteries when power is out.

Customers can also charge their batteries at night during off peak (low cost power) times and then consume/back feed the power during the day during peak (high cost power) times. Another financial benefit of battery storage, and what we will see most commonly from their implementation in Atlantic Canada, is demand side load management. This allows power companies to buy power from your stored batteries when they need it to match shifts in demand. With a central control system from the utility and a compatible battery system, this is already an emerging trend in some markets.

Two manufacturers who really stood out were SolarEdge and their StorEdge Solutions, and Sonnen Group.

These are just a few of the many new developments in the renewable energy landscape. There has never been a better time to make the switch to solar energy, and we’ve committed ourselves to helping to grow and support the solar energy industry in Atlantic Canada. You can learn more about our solar energy services here.

For homeowners, we’re offering free solar energy assessments for your home. Simply fill out our form, and we’ll get back to you within 48 hours with your full report and connect you to a local contractor in your area.

For distributors, we rep four of the top solar lines on the market. You can learn more about the lines here.

Our week at SPI confirmed what we already knew- the future is solar, and we’re thrilled to be playing a role in supporting this future.

To learn more about the exhibition, you can visit the SPI website, and to learn more about our involvement in solar energy, visit our solar page here.

Extend Your Patio Season with Dimplex’s Outdoor Heaters

Extend Your Patio Season with Dimplex’s Outdoor Heaters

dimplex outdoor heater

We had one of those blink-and-you-miss-it summers here in Atlantic Canada, and we don’t know about you but we are clinging to every last bit of outdoor time we can get! If you didn’t get your fill of warm summer evenings on the deck, we have the solution for you!

Dimplex’s line of indoor/outdoor heaters are the perfect way to extend your outdoor season. Available in 1500W, 1800W, and 2200W, they work in a variety of spaces and go from cold to full power in 8 seconds. They’re ideal for balconies, decks, sunrooms, and any outdoor living space.

The heaters come in three settings and have a remote control, so you just need to sit back, relax, and enjoy. The heaters are water tight and are built to withstand temperatures up to -40 C, so they are the perfect match for our Atlantic Canadian climate!

Learn more about the Dimplex indoor/outdoor heaters in the video below, and to find a location near you that carries Dimplex, head to our Where to Buy page!

Summer may be over, but it doesn’t have to feel like it! Dimplex’s heaters will have you enjoying your outdoor living space well into the fall.

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