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The winter weather is officially here, and while there’s always a part of us that is dreaming about warm summer days, there is something so welcoming and cozy about this time of year. It’s the season to curl on up the couch with a blanket, a hot drink, and your favourite show, and we’re not mad about it!

We love making a few tweaks to our decor around this time of year to really amp up the cozy factor, and we’re sharing them here in today’s post! The tips range in pricing, so you can choose the one’s that fit your budget.


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Harsh overhead lights have no place in a cozy living room set up, so we recommend accessorizing with cute table lamps to get that warm, homey glow. If you’re looking for the perfect table lamp for your home, check out our favourite styles here.


Just like we layer on our clothing to stay warm and cozy during the winter, layering on our decor can help to create the perfect hygge style. Adding in extra throw blankets, throw pillows, and coffee table books is a simple way to instantly make your space feel welcoming and cozy.


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photo: Dimplex

We feel fairly confident in saying that there is nothing cozier than a fireplace. Spending a winter evening by a fire is just pure wintery heaven, and we think no home should be without! Most of us aren’t lucky enough to have a fireplace already in our homes, but with Dimplex’s line of electric fireplaces, you can easily add one in to any room in your home. They have a variety of styles too, so you can choose the option that best suits your decor including stoves, wall mounts, and mantels.

See Dimplex’s entire collection of electric fireplaces here.


A really simple (and free!) way to make your room a winter haven is to incorporate some natural touches. A bowl full of pinecones, a vase filled with boughs, or some sprigs of fresh holly are just a few ways that you can bring the outdoors into your living room. You’ll get an instant log cabin vibe without having to spend a dime!


It’s amazing the impact that the right lighting can have on your decor. Bright, white lighting definitely has its place, but to get that cozy glow, you need warm lighting. You can buy warm light bulbs, or you can check out the Smart Bulbs from DAL’s Lighting. These bulbs allow you to switch between cool and warm lighting, dim your lights, and completely control the bulbs all through the app on your phone or your smart home assistant (like Amazon Alexa). These bulbs are super affordable and help to create the perfect ambiance (they make a great stocking stuffer too!).

Learn more about DALS’ smart home collection here.

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