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We’ve written before about the solar energy financing and rebate programs available in Nova Scotia, and today we wanted to share another option that is making the adoption of a solar energy system even more affordable for Nova Scotians: CUA’s Energy Efficiency Financing Program.

CUA’s program offers a number of great benefits, some of which extend beyond the other current programs available, and it’s a great option for anyone in Nova Scotia looking to make efficiency upgrades to their current system.

The program offers financing options for both home and business owners interested in investing in energy-efficient upgrades. We’ve seen a major surge in interest for solar energy throughout the province, and having another financing option available is a huge win for the renewable energy industry in Nova Scotia.

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One thing that really stands out here is that CUA’s financing program isn’t just available for solar panels and installations, but for a range of energy efficiency upgrades, including heat pumps, LED lighting solutions, windows, insulation, and other work required to maximize the upgrade.

Another great benefit of the program is that CUA works one-on-one with you to help you get the most out of their financing options. They’ll walk you through exactly how the project can best fit into your current financial plan and provide you with the best financing options for you.

CUA’s Energy Efficiency Financing Program is one more way that switching to solar is becoming easier and more affordable than ever. At Catalyst, we want to help make the switch even easier, which is why we offer free solar assessments. Just fill out our short form, and we’ll have your solar assessment back to you within 48 hours.

For the most up-to-date information about financing rates, head over to cua.com/gogreen or contact a member of the CUA team at 902-492-6500.

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