Our 8 Favourite New Products from Lightovation

Lightovation brings together the best and the brightest in residential lighting, and from June 23-26, the biggest brands in lighting converged on the Dallas Market to show off their new products and launch their summer promotions. Learn more about the Lightovation...

With New Brunswick’s New EV Rebate, Could East Coast Lead the EV Charge?

With New Brunswick being the last Atlantic province to offer a provincial rebate on electric vehicles, we stand poised to match the pace of provinces like Quebec and B.C. with our ECV adoption and ultimately our net zero emission goal. 

How neon lighting has bridged the gap from Vegas and its cold cathode origins to LED and the Halifax skyline.

To those born after the start of the 21st century, LED lighting may seem like a routine, expected technology. But did you know, Shuji Nakamura (The Godfather of Modern LED) won the Nobel prize in physics for his work in the creation of the high output blue LED in the...

The Top 5 Electrical Products for this 2021 Outdoor Season

As we roll into spring in an ever-warming climate, the time we spend outdoors continues to rise, and with it, the need for versatile electrical products! From mood, function and entertainment lighting to charging our laptops and cellphones outdoors, the demand for...

The Top 4 Tips for a Successful ZEVIP Application

With rebates and incentives, Canadians can get access to electric vehicles with over 400 km of range for under $40,000. By comparison, “Nova Scotia noted an average new internal combustion vehicle price of $37,025”, and with the new provincial rebate, EVs are more...

Lighting Control Systems for the Masses 

In the lighting industry, it is a well-known fact that energy savings, historically, have been achieved by large leaps in technology. Moving from incandescent lighting to fluorescent then fluorescent to LED, these revolutionary leaps have made a huge impact on our...
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