Seamless Compatibility: RVE’s DCC and Electric Avenue’s Watti Home EV Charger Offer Complete Home EVSE Solution for Atlantic Canada

Catalyst is poised to take residential EV charging to the next level for Atlantic Canadians! RVE recently announced the successful compatibility testing of its flagship product, the DCC electric vehicle energy management system, with Electric Avenue Manufacturing’s...

Achieve Flawless Makeup with the Right Lighting Temperature and Eurofase LED Mirrors

When it comes to makeup application, the right lighting can make all the difference. That's why investing in high-quality mirrors, like Eurofase LED mirrors, and understanding the best lighting temperature for makeup application are crucial steps for makeup...

Unveiling the 10 Jaw-Dropping Trends That Will Transform Your Space in 2023!

Discover the top 10 jaw dropping trends of 2023, as recommended by designers. From statement fixtures to nostalgia pieces and sustainable choices, find inspiration to transform your space.

Illuminate Your Outdoor Space: A Guide to Outdoor Lighting Products for 2023

  ELI ASOYUF’S GUIDE TO OUTDOOR LIGHTING: 2023 Summer Edition  Summer is just around the corner! And while out raking the yard, wrestling with patio furniture, or setting up that temporary pool for the kids, here are some awesome products to occupy that space in...

Explore the many ways Legrand has reinvented the light switch

When it comes to design, small details make a BIG impact, which is why we’re so in love with Legrand’s adorne® Collection of designer switches and outlets. With their fun square shape, these switches make life brighter with just a push, touch, wave, flip or tap of...

Determining the Right EV Charging Infrastructure for Your Fully Electric Fleet

With the Ford F150 Lighting quickly becoming the dominant fleet service vehicle for yards, utilities, and service vehicles across North America, we wanted to share and answer two questions we've been getting asked more and more often since we began to represent...
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