April 14, 2021

Lighting Control Systems for the Masses 

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In the lighting industry, it is a well-known fact that energy savings, historically, have been achieved by large leaps in technology. Moving from incandescent lighting to fluorescent then fluorescent to LED, these revolutionary leaps have made a huge impact on our energy-saving goals. However, the evolution of these technologies has been slow and steady. 

incandescent, fluorescent, LED bulbs

What is the next big energy savings opportunity?

Lighting controls! Whether we’re talking about mechanical time clocks for outside fixtures, or ambient light sensing building-integrated technology, the lighting control possibilities are endless. However, with such a large spread in technology, many have avoided adopting these systems due to the system complexities. While opting for a few basic dimmers and occupancy sensors, many are missing out on a great opportunity for a return on investment (ROI).  

Lucky for us, it’s 2021 and things don’t have to be that complex!  Not everyone needs to control their office lights from a beach in Aruba with their Alexa SmartHome.

So, what is the compromise and why hasn’t it been more broadly adopted?

Product awareness and budget. There are plenty of great lighting control solutions with a lower cost that still offer the benefits of a complex commercial-grade lighting system. Why haven’t you heard of them? Because the powerhouses that currently control the marketplace don’t want you to and the smaller, newer organizations don’t yet have the marketing budget to displace the clout of the traditional marketplace leaders.

, nor does everyone needs their Cisco commercial enterprise WiFi system connected with their ceiling lights letting them know how many individuals are predicted to be in each room at a given time.

Why do I need a lighting control system?

Reason #1: The ROI! The math is simple – for every kilowatt-hour (kWh) in energy you save, consider it money in your pocket. Combine these savings with the cost to deploy the lighting control system – the lower you keep the upfront cost (while still achieving similar energy savings), the sooner your ROI comes to fruition.   


What’s the solution for complex lighting control systems?

Let’s say you’ve recently purchased a warehouse and you’re looking to install a lighting system with dozens of new fixtures. In the past, each fixture would have been physically adjusted to manage settings such as daylight, motion sensing and time-outs. Making these adjustments are time-consuming and labour-intensive – to the point where commissioning the system would likely be outsourced, causing an immediate uptake in the cost. So, let’s keep it simple! For example, EiKO has a product line called Xi-Fi, it’s a simplified and cost-effective product solution for lighting controls! With Xi-Fi, the power is in your hands – literally.

Eiko xi-fi systems

How does Xi-Fi work? 

All you need is a laptop or tablet to commission all your fixtures. Xi-Fi allows you to adjust brightness levels, enable/disable motion and/or daylight sensors, create schedules, and much more without having to make any physical adjustments to the fixtures themselves. And it’s so simple to install and use! Commission your fixtures in minutes, and easily adjust on the fly – all from your computer screen. 

Want to learn more about EiKO’s Xi-Fi products? Reach out to our sales team [email protected]. You can also check out some of the other great products we represent by visiting our brands page!

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