November 15, 2018

2019 Lighting Trends with Bricks and Birches

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This week, we have one of our favourite designers, Robyn of Bricks and Birches, on the blog. We always have MAJOR heart eyes over her stunning designs, and we’re so excited that she’s here to share the top lighting trends of 2019 with us and how you can incorporate then in your space. If you’re not already, make sure you’re following Robyn over on Instagram!
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Hey Readers! I’m Robyn from Bricks & Birches and I’m happy to be swinging by the Catalyst Blog to share with you one of my favourite topics: Trend forecasting! As a designer, it’s important to be a step ahead of things, and finding inspiration in lighting is always a critical component for my design process.
Here is a run-down of some of my favourite trends for 2019!
Okay, I LOVE this movement that’s happening in lighting. Taking things back to basics and reimagining how form affects a space is such an inspiring way to approach design. These lights bring a sculptural quality to a space and don’t just belong in a contemporary space. How amazing would these be in a traditional home with a ceiling medallion for a totally unexpected design moment?!
OKAY OKAY OKAY. Now we’re talking!! Gone are the days of matching every finish in your house (I call that “the bed in a bag”), now it’s HELLO to inspired enameled colours! I saw this trend emerging in plumbing fixtures when I attended the Toronto Interior Design Show last winter, and I am LOVING their transition into the lighting world.
Scared to commit? Start small; a powder room is a great place for something unexpected due to being separate from often intimidating open-concept spaces, or try injecting colour into what could otherwise feel like an uninspired space such as a laundry room.
This may be my favourite trend of them all (you’ll also notice some of the modernist shapes sneaking their way into this one!) The past few years have been filled with brass finishes and opal shades thanks to the popularity of mid-century modern design (which I still love, to be clear.). But this is sexy, moody, and an evolved take on glam. And I am LIVING for it.
If the idea of incorporating a “trend” into your space scares you, my honourable mention for 2019 is the revival of polished nickel. It’s a classic finish (think chrome, but warm!) and it’s versatile as heck.
Whatever your space demands, updating your lighting is an easy and non-invasive way to make a HUGE design impact. Start with lighting, and THEN fill in the gaps. 🙂

For more stunning design inspiration from Robyn, make sure you check her out on Instagram and her site!
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