March 6, 2019

How to Choose The Right Light Fixtures for Your Bathroom

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Morgan Sconces from Hinkley Lighting | LC Interiors


We recently wrote a post on how to choose the right lights for your kitchen, and this week we’re moving on to the bathroom. Bathrooms often get the short end of the décor stick and end up with more functional lighting than décor, but it doesn’t have to be this way! Whether you’re going for minimal and functional or modern and chic, we’ve got everything you need to know to choose the right lights for your space.

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What type of lighting will you need?
Sovereign from Hudson Valley Lighting | Alyssa Resenheck Photography | Nicole Davis Interiors


Bathrooms (as with most rooms) benefit from layered lighting, so you’ll want to layer your main lights with task lighting and ambient lighting options.

Your main lighting will come from overhead fixtures and pot lights. This could be one main fixture in the room or individual fixtures above the tub, shower, etc., or pot lights running throughout.
Then you’ll want task lighting, in the case of the bathroom, this will primarily be your vanity lights.
Finally, accent lighting can be added in to accentuate certain features of the bathroom’s décor.
The amount of lighting you use will of course depend on the size of your space. A smaller bathroom may have just vanity lights and an overhead light, while a larger bathroom may have a variety of light sources.
Should your light fixtures match?
New Canaan from Hudson Valley Lighting | Ryann Ford Photography | Amity Worrel & Co. Designs


When it comes to choosing your various fixtures, your pieces don’t need to be the same, but they should be a similar style. You probably don’t want an elaborate chandelier paired with rustic farmhouse vanity sconces, for example. Choose lights that complement each other and match the over all style of your bathroom.

When choosing metals, they should match, or at least compliment, the other metals in your room such as faucet, drawer handles, etc. We love how both the metals and style of the above sconce match the shower head!
Vanity Lights
Let’s start with vanity lights. Typical vanity lights are your average linear light, which gets the job done but doesn’t necessarily do much for the décor.
There are definite exceptions here (we love the how the linear vanity lights from DALS enhance the space’s crisp minimal feel in the photo above), but don’t be afraid to consider a more unique option.
Overhead lights
Similar to the vanity lights, you can go for a standard flush mount (which is great for smaller spaces or for a clean minimal look), but you can also mix things up and make a statement with a beautiful pendant or chandelier.
Add instant luxe to your room with a chandelier fixture over your bathtub- it seriously doesn’t get any more glam than that!
If you are going the flush mount route, you can choose between a simple style, or go for a more intricate design.
DALS will be releasing their Smart Home pot lights in June, which will allow you to customize the lighting temperature and colour in your room as well as completely control the lights all from your smartphone or home assistant. They’re perfect to use in the bathroom- go between a bright cool light in the morning to help get you going for the day and then, with just a swipe on your smartphone, switch to warm, dim lighting as you wind down with an evening bath. It’s like built in candlelight!
Additional lighting
Of course, we can’t do a bathroom roundup without talking about the adorne wall plates. These little pops of style look so good along your vanity (as shown above in Short Present’s sweet bathroom!). Choose from a variety of plate colours and styles to match your décor and opt for outlets and plugs that enhance their function, such as the pop out outlet.
Looking for more help choosing your fixtures? Check out our post on How to Choose the Right Light Fixtures for Your Kitchen and follow us on Instagram for lots of styling tips and inspiration!
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